About Me

With a love for capturing the beauty of a single moment, of a single smile and leap, Photografiko flourished five years ago with the hope of treasuring through photographs fleeting emotions, temporary movements. Seeking to freeze time to relive memories, to capture joys and laughers, Colombian-born Maria V Garces, the company’s owner and photographer, knew that creating a photography studio signified having a part on a person’s life by capturing the beauty of an instantaneous moment. It signified creating the transient, a timeless endeavor.

Driven by her innate love for harmonious and organic portrayals, Maria from a young age was enthralled by art’s harmony and beauty. Art to her was a medium of expression that was both aesthetically and practically pleasing. With this idea in mind of art’s dual benefits, she decided to study Industrial Design in la Universidad Xaveriana in Bogota, Colombia. Through her theoretical and practical classes, she refined her eye for symmetry, learned the fundamentals of composition, and reinforced that the realm of visuals and images was her true vocation. Such principles of balance, harmony, and symmetry continue to resonate in each of her pictures, in each flash of the camera.

Today, Photografiko, imbibed with the love of her owner and the emotions of its subjects, incite and reflect the true essence of executives, dancers, children, families alike. It strives to bring out in each individual their true essence so that it can be captured and guarded for generations to come.

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